Paint Fight Mini Session

These sessions were SO much fun not only for me to capture but you can see it in the photos.

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Is this real or a dream?

I couldn’t believe the day that I received an e-mail from a past bride.  She said that The Carolina Weddings Magazine had reached out to her mother wanting to feature their wedding for the Fall/Winter edition.  First off I was in complete shock and much joy.  Not only that I looked up their page and realized they only used 4 featured weddings each time they publish.  First they had to get my approval to do so that way they could use the photos.  Once I gave them the okay (of course who would deny doing this?!?) my information was given to the lady so she could contact me.  She was SUCH a pleasure working with and extremely nice.  I felt so honored that I was able to capture these moments for this couple and the fact that a MAGAZINE wanted their big day to be shared with North Carolina brides…was just AWESOME!  This had been in the works since April, I found out that they were no doubt using her wedding on my birthday.  What a better present?  Months go by and finally I get the email “THE MAGAZINE IS HERE”.  I was ecstatic.  The lady from the magazine surprised me and mailed me a copy it was so beautiful.  What put the icing on the cake for me to how big of a deal this was, was when I looked in it.  It wasn’t just one page it was FOUR pages of my work.  Not only that everyone has that one person they look up to in what they do.  Well my husbands way back when best friend growing up is a photographer.  He does almost all of our photos.  His work is amazing.  The fact that the first featured wedding I see….was HIS work.  It made me feel like I was reaching to where I want to be.  I made it in a magazine with a photographer that I absolutely LOVE his work and look up to.  That’s just pretty cool for me.  I look forward to where this will take me and exciting things it might bring me.  I couldn’t be more blessed to have had this opportunity.  I would be no where without every single one of you that support me in what I do!!!  Not to mention a HUGE thank you to Lura & Hao for picking me to photograph their day!  I look forward to photographing their ONE year anniversary next weekend!  

IMG_2755 copy IMG_2758 copy